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- RF64520 & RF64523 cleating angle is adjustable and are fitted with a high performance C-cleat and fairlead for secure and easy cleaning.
- Fiddle blocks incorporate an integrated becket through the hub of the lower sheave, and are ideal for creating simple vang and mainsheet systems up to 4:1 on boats to 12mm (40ft).
- RF64503 & RF64523 features a versatile trunnion snap shackle that provides quick & simple attachment and removal, and has 360∞ rotation with side-to-side articulation.
- RF64108A mast base block has a removable clevis pin for attaching to suit a 14mm (9/16) wide mast collar post.
- Universal head can be fixed at 0∞ or 90∞ or left free to swivel, by using a 2.5mm Hex/Allen key.

- Sheave: U.V. stabilised Acetal or anodised aluminium (AW models).
- Cheek plates: Aluminium Alloy.
- Ball Bearings: High compression strength carbon black Acetal.
- Shackle, post & hub: Grade 316 stainless steel.
- Pins: Grade 2205 stainless steel (RF64108, RF64108A, RF64202).
- Snap Shackle & pad eye: 15-5PH investment cast stainless steel.
- Cleat: Fibre reinforced composite.

Sheave Diam: 60+30mm
Max Rope: 12mm
M.W.L: 1000kg 
B.L.: 2000kg
Weight: 355g
SKU: 9316800461097