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Rule AquaCharge;portable, rechargeable utility pump combines convenient features in a sleek, new, industrial design. The fully submersible pump has easy operation and is battery operated so it can be taken anywhere. The included charging station allows for easy recharging of the battery to ensure your pump is never inactive due to not having batteries on hand. Not for potable water


  • Rechargeable battery (charger included)
  • Connects to the included 8' hose or any standard garden hose
  • Easy Operation
  • Pumps up to 200 gallons of water on a single charge


Gallons (water) per charge: Approximately 200 gallons (756 liters) Capacity Up to 5 GPM with a fully charged battery at 0 feetHead Up to 4 feet with a fully charged battery at 0 GPM Charge Time: Approximately 12 hrs Voltage: 9.6 Volt Port Size Outlet:Standard garden hose Weight: 3.6 lbs Dimensions: 9.375" x 4.625" x 12.625"

The AquaCharge battery might discharge while sitting in stock at the factory or our warehouse. If the battery discharges to below 6.5 amps the charger light will not turn on. When the charger light is not on, if the pump is set on the charger the light will turn on when the charge reaches 6.5 amps. This condition might give the impression that the battery is fully charged when it actually isn’t. Batteries that have discharged to below 6.5 amps should be charged overnight (manual says 12 hours for initial charge)

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