Articu-Lock™ Sheave assemblies are ideal for performance sailboats, cruising/racing catamarams, and high-tech cruising yachts above 27 feet in length. They are lightweight, strong, and the swinging frame makes them extremely easy to align and lock in place. Edson Sheave Assemblies are specially designed for use in wire rope steering systems for sailboats. All sheave housings are rigidly constructed and are designed to prevent the wire from jumping out of the sheave. 
The grooves are machined extra deep and are concentric with the bearings to maintain constant wire tension. 
Edson sheaves and sheave assemblies are available in bronze or lightweight black anodized aluminum. 
The aluminum sheaves are ideal for performance and racing boats that require sensitive, lightweight steering. 
Bronze sheaves are suggested for heavy duty or long-term cruising applications. 

• Lightweight cage design 
• Oil impregnated bronze bearings
• Sheave hubs are wider than the rims to prevent side friction and noise 
• Sheave pins are stainless steel for easy removal for installation or maintenance 
• Sheave housings have pin arrestors to prevent premature sheave pin wear
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