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The Par-max 4.0 automatic washdown kit includes a 3 chamber diaphragm pressure pump which supplies a constant saltwater flow with quiet operation. High pressure 60 psi jet is ideal for removing mud from anchoring hardware and blasting decks and fishing platforms clean with ease. Additional or different size snap-in port kits are available.

- 60 psi high pressure cut out
- Thermal overload protection. Ignition protected
- Self priming to 3 metres (10 ft)
- Up to 15 litre (4.0 GPM) per minute flow rate
- Diaphram design can run dry for extended periods
- Splash resistant coating and sealed pressure switch extend pump life

- Pump
- 12mm inlet filter
- Hose trigger nozzle
- Standard Aust. garden hose connector
- USA connector for HoseCoils
- 1 x 12mm straight hose barb port
- 1 x 12mm 90 degree hose barb port
- 1 x snap-in port for direct connection to HoseCoil USA threaded hose.


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