$999.00 $2,000.00
Manufacturer part #:RS013700

  • Standard Furlers suitable for sails with a "straight" luff, and best applied for upwind sailing, true wind angles less than 90 degrees ie. code zero, screecher, staysail
  • Top-Down Furlers suitable for sails with a "soft" luff, and full mid-section. Used for downwind sailing, true wind angle great than 90 degrees ie. Code 1-6, Reacher, Runner, Gennaker
  • Advanced drum technology - incorporating a sophisticated furling line groove profile and cross hole geometry to grip the furling line securely when furling and release it when deploying
  • An entire range that matches drum diameters to load ratings for optimum performance
  • Secure, snag free connections
  • Rotation stop accessory
  • Maintenance free bearing system
  • Material selection for strength and durability
  • Optimum strength to weight ratios
  • Multiple attachment options
  • Dedicated Top-Down models for soft luff sails
  • Easy continuous line installation and removal
SKU: RS013700